This capsule collection with fashion designer Adam Jones is made up of a limited edition run of striped studio bags celebrating stripes and both our brands’ Northern roots. The limited edition pieces, named ‘DFUN’ (Down From Up North), is the first from our collaborative series ‘‘The Devil’s Cloth’ an exploration into the rich and storied history of stripes. Each piece draws inspiration from the iconic ‘butcher’s stripe,’ a pattern deeply ingrained in the heritage of butchers, barbers, fishmongers, and fruit and vegetable sellers. Adam Jones infuses each design with a distinct Northern essence, drawing from the vibrant imagery and rich traditions of his hometown, Wrexham.

“As a designer, my work is steeped in nostalgia for our nation’s past. I celebrate the humor, eccentricities, and even the mundane aspects of Broken Britain. The butcher’s stripe represents the formal yet functional attire of those who bring life to our high streets. Through these pieces, I aim to honor the resilience and spirit of these everyday heroes.” Adam Jones

“Colours of Arley was born from a desire to tell stories through bespoke stripes. Collaborating with Adam Jones, a designer whose work I deeply admire, allows us to explore a pivotal chapter in the history of stripes from a Northern perspective. Growing up, I often traveled from Manchester to North Wales, making this collaboration particularly meaningful to me.” Louisa Tratalos, Founder of Colours of Arley

These exclusive Studio Bags will drop in limited quantities every two months on the Colours of Arley website. Each edition will be designed in collaboration with a new cultural partner, kicking off with Adam Jones.