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Stripey Stories

  • The Artist's Studio

    Known for her Crabs & Crocs paintings, Artist Layla Andrews had a striped pair of cushions for her Brixton studio.

    Peach & Manicure - Midi & Skinny Stripe
  • The Writer's Flat

    Sydney Lima, journalist and documentary maker, has a trio of cushions in her London home she shares with her Jug Pinkie.

    Coconut & Frost, Salsa, Spruce - Midi & Skinny Stripe
  • The Beachside Home

    Becky Tong Co-founder of music company Juicebox, in her Margate renovation project features a striking headboard and matching blind.

    Terracotta & Dijon - Grand Stripe
  • The Florist's Studio

    Florist Christie Leigh chose a light and delicate curtain to cover the vases and ribbons stored in her Hackney studio, essential tools for a successful florist.

    Honey & Periwinkle - Skinny Stripe
  • The Carpenter's Workshop

    Carpenter Gideon wanted a chair that folds away at his workshop in Brixton. Somewhere he could sit for consultations.

    Gold Leaf & Pine - Grand Stripe
  • The Bookshop

    Nick, Founder of Record 28, the archive bookshop, needed a seating area for his customers to relax whilst browsing the photo books.

    Nutmeg & Meteorite - Grand Stripe
  • The Vintage Changing Room

    Tash, Founder of BROTHER, a vintage designer store in Netil Market, London, wanted a curtain to provide privacy to her customers trying on rare pieces.

    Lime & Chiffon - Midi Stripe
  • The Dog Bed

    After being rehomed at six years old, Patch's bed was made to help him settle in to his new home.

    Postbox & Blue Skies - Skinny Stripe


Gemma, of Cúpla Studio chose bespoke stripes for each changing room in their dazzling Kings Road flagship store.


  • House of Hackney

    We created this dog bed exclusively for House of Hackney with a midi stripe in our recycled weave.

    We were carefully selected by the House of Hackney founders, Frieda Gormley & Javvy M Royle for the Market Garden, which champions makers whose pieces sow seeds of thought and inspire change through their creativity.

  • RIXO - Flagship Store

    Gemma McCloskey of Cúpla Studio chose a different stripe for each and every changing room in the RIXO flagship store on the King's Road. From Coconut & Jam, to Fizzy & Sunrise, each stripe is as playful as the next.

  • Glassette - Playing with Stripes

    Each person in the Glassette team chose their own colour combination, from Nina's Ultramarine & Carrot Cake to Laura's Sycamore & Teal, the colour combinations are great, and even sit well together in case you want to mix and match.

    Discover more and see the full collection on the Glassette website

  • The Vintage Drop with Jess Alavi-Ellis

    Jess Alavi-Ellis, broadcaster, journalist and interiors enthusiast chose stripes for a capsule collection of reimagined furniture, from footstools to lounge chairs like this one, called 'Pipe Dreams', each piece has a beautiful story behind the stripe and why it was chosen.

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