Colours of Arley x Studio Sparks

Colours of Arley x Studio Sparks

A conversation with Rosie Sparks, founder of Studio Sparks... March 2023

What's your stripe? 

Cypress & Lime! I love a pop of citrus and adore how bright and fun this stripe is...I also chose Satsuma & Poppy, Umber & Plaster, Periwinkle & Satsuma as part of the collaboration.

How did Sparks Studio come about?

I had this idea on New Years day in lockdown that I wanted to a way to switch off from my day job, I was working from home like the rest of the world and just couldn’t relax in the evenings. I wanted to do something for myself. So I had a lightbulb moment that I wanted to make one of a kind frilled cushions. I’m proud to say, I haven’t changed my style since my first prototype which is a rectangular cushion with piping and a huge frill which has since become my signature shape!

Where do you find interior or home inspiration?

Last night I spent six hours on Pinterest and Vinterior, both of which I love. I enjoy looking at anything which is relaxed but colourful, that’s definitely my vibe. I am obsessed with colours, obviously! I just don’t do minimalism I find it so boring.

Favourite designers?

I love William Morris prints which is great because I live in Walthamstow and there’s the gallery here, I love to visit. 

I’ve been recently inspired by the designs at Poodle & Blonde and look to Ottoline de Vries for new projects. I’m always looking for interior designers to collaborate with.

Significant pieces in your home?

This bowl is from Claire Sherston a ceramicist and friend who is so talented and this was her experimenting for her upcoming collections.

This jug, or rather vase, is from the ceramic pop-up in Truman social club in Walthamstow.

This is a vintage Italian lamp from Antiques of Kingston, it’s a huge shop with all these collecting rooms, filled with vintage pieces and odd bits, it just keeps going.

This headboard I upholstered myself in House of Hackney fabric, I definitely like things to look a bit classic but with modern colours.

My taste is not trend based and I only buy things I really love. I got that from my Mum… she buys once, and she buys well. I don’t mind investing in something for my home, as long as I can see it staying forever.

You can buy a cushion from the collaboration or commission your own.


 You can commission your own Colours of Arley x Studio Sparks cushions using the link below.