Playing with Stripes by Glassette

Our signature striped cushions with playful colour combinations handpicked by the Glassette team. Ice cream coconut meets a sunny sky blue while a rich carrot cake takes on a bold ultramarine. What’s your favourite pairing?

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  • Blue Skies & Coconut

    A beautiful cushion with hints ay summer approaching, chosen by Sarah from the Glassette team!

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  • Cocoa & Umber

    A chocolate-like cushion which looks good enough to eat, chosen by Glassette's Lucy.

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  • Ultramarine & Carrot Cake

    We love this stripe chosen by Nina from Glassette, with a strong sense of design.

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  • "What are your three sentimental stripes?"

    We asked the newest member of the Colours of Arley team, Emily, what her sentimental stripes were? Although she now lives in East London, she spent her childhood exploring the British countryside in rural Yorkshire.

  • Pet Lamb - Coconut & Plain Cloth

    It’s springtime in Yorkshire which for me means hurrying down to the neighbours farm at 5am to greet the newest lambs. Some have a harder start in life than others, sadly becoming orphaned, but this does mean they become the cuddliest pets. I love seeing their wooly coats dotted around the fields. This stripe is for all the lambs I get to care for over the years. 

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  • Cloudy Moors - Apple & Aubergine

    This stripe is a tribute to the long winding roads my mum and I love to take through the north York Moors. On an overcast day the colours on the hills morph under the clouds: greens take on a sharp acidity while the purple heather thickens into black. It’s an unworldly backdrop to the simple joy of bobbing around together in our muddy little car.

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Cake Trolley - Salsa & Periwinkle

The sweetest image I have of Yorkshire is the cake trolley at Betty’s tearooms. Jewelled with raspberry tarts, red velvets and piled macaroons, it holds the rare magic of widening the eyes of every diner it passes as it weaves between tables. It would feel rude to resist. This stripe is all about hailing down the trolley. 

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  • Honey & Sunrise

  • Chiffon & Graphite

  • Poppy & Sweetheart

  • Latte & Mouse

  • Satsuma & Periwinkle

  • Pebble & Deep Rust

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