• Christie's Hackney studio

    Christie chose Honey & Periwinkle for her florist studio curtains...

  • Layla's Brixton Studio

    Layla chose Peach & Manicure for cushions for her artist studio...

  • Becky's Beachside Bedroom

    Becky chose Dijon & Terracotta for her Margate home...

  • Honey & Sunrise

  • Chiffon & Graphite

  • Satsuma & Periwinkle

  • Latte & Mouse

  • Maroon & Nickel

  • Pebble & Deep Rust

Record 28 bookshop stripe of Nutmeg & Meteorite

  • Blue Skies & Coconut

    A fun stripe to brighten up a space, nostalgic of the seaside...

  • Sherbet & Maroon

    Our cocktail cushion in shades of pink...

  • Lime & Cypress

    A bright combination which brings playful energy to a space from our collaboration with Studio Sparks.

Carpenter Gideon's stripe of Gold Leaf & Moss

Layla's curtains in Magnolia & Pine...

Not sure what stripe to order? Why not try our colour chart?